What is Endoscopy ?

Endoscopy ( minimally invasive surgery ) is a technique for performing medical procedures through natural openings in the body or through one or more tiny holes. An endoscope inserted in the body magnifies internal structures on a TV monitor for thorough examination.


Surgical instruments may be used through the same opening or through an additional small incision.


By performing procedures endoscopically, vets offer their patients less pain, minimal recovery time and fewer complications. In many cases, performing a procedure endoscopically allows the patient to return home the same day.


Advantage of Endoscopy

Less pain

Excellent visualization of internal organs

Fewer complications

Faster recovery

Ability to access otherwise inaccessible parts of the body


Laparoscopic spaying of dogs and cats

What are the advantages of laparoscopic spays ?

  • Your veterinary surgeon can perform the procedure with greater precision thanks to a clear, bright, magnified images of your pet’s abdominal cavity.
  • Endoscopic procedures are less painful for your pet since the incisions are only the size of keyholes and the ovarian ligament is carefully cut & cauterized, rather than torn.
  • In conventional spaying, the incision is typically three times larger.
  • Complications such as wound healing and infection are minimized.
  • The small incision size in laparoscopic spaying leads to faster recovery of your pet.
  • You will be more satisfied since she is more comfortable and can return home faster, maybe even the day of surgery.