Dr Nelson Zhang



Dr. Nelson Zhang graduated from Murdoch University in 2014. After making a beeline for his home country, Dr. Zhang quickly found a calling for general practice in which he thrived. He has spent the last number of years developing a keen clinical obsession for dermatology, diagnostic medicine and surgery.


Dr. Zhang maintains a broad perspective and takes a strong evidence based approach to veterinary medicine. While his practice is firmly grounded in established scientific principles, Dr. Zhang is always on the lookout for new techniques and pharmacology to help solve the hardest of medical problems.


Dr. Zhang brings to Animal Wellness Referral Centre a depth of experience and continues to pursue excellence in veterinary care. He is passionate about his team’s culture and treats each interaction with staff, clients and patients with great care.


In addition to his love of veterinary medicine, Dr. Zhang has the love of his gorgeous wife and Elfie, the geriatric Corgi cross rescue dog.