Dr. Kevin Polglaze


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Background Biodata


Kevin has a diverse range of experiences & skills in life, relationships, & healing. Kevin left home at age 15, worked in agriculture & mining for 4 years, learning about livestock, horses & sheepdogs; pastures & cropping, tractors & landscaping; & country life; Then learning underground mining, explosives, ore production, & drilling; & operating earthmoving equipment & heavy trucks. He has experience & road licences for cars, motorcycles, & heavy combination trucks; & tickets & many hours in loaders, excavators & compactors. He returned to study. Too young for mature age university entry, he matriculated in 1 year; Then entered vet school & graduated with 2 veterinary degrees from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.


As an undergraduate, he & a colleague developed a method to understand environmental & energy use in agricultural businesses. A commercial offer was received.Dr Kevin was fortunate to be trained by multiple specialists, including the celebrated Dr Doug Slatter, a gifted dual specialist, who wrote the 2 volume ‘Small Animal Surgery’ textbook, & ‘Veterinary Ophthalmology’, both recognised as ‘the bible’ in their field.He graduated as a veterinary doctor, & entered racehorse practice in Melbourne then Sydney, & subsequently horse & small animal practice, including 5 years emergency medicine, whilst training racehorses, & lecturing at technical college.


He was founder & principal of a veterinary practice for 2 decades, attending to dogs & cats, horses & rabbits, & occasional farm animals.


He conducted research at the University of Sydney in veterinary cardiology. He has tutored students in veterinary dentistry.


He was by invitation  ‘Sydney Hills Rural Lions Club’ founding President, then continuing President until ‘handing over the reins’.


He was by invitation  a member of Sydney’s ‘Annangrove-Rouse Hill Foundation’ – business folk fundraising for worthy causes.


He was  by invitation  business judge, then head judge, & then chairman of the prestigious ‘Sydney Hills Excellence in Business Awards’, where he worked with a diverse range of business folk & exchanged business & management ideas.  He has taken an animal welfare case through to the highest court in New South Wales, & his efforts have been championed in NSW State Parliament. He has developed solutions to problems outside medicine, including business startup & strategy, branding, & product design & development. He was conferred the Rotary International Pride in Workmanship Award. He has purchased, maintained & improved properties & houses, including a beautiful 5 acre property in the Sydney Hills district. He has experience in renovation & landscaping design & application, & in ‘picking up the tools’.


His interests include Nature, People & Animals, Imagineering & Development.


Surf sports rate highly.


His diverse background provides a broad view of the world, & provides him a wide spectrum of viewpoints when seeking a medical solution to assist a Patient.


He has treated over 150 thousand general & emergency medical cases, & performed over 15 thousand soft tissue & orthopaedic surgeries. He came to Singapore, & provides medical, imaging, & surgical & dental services to dogs, cats, rabbits & exotic animals. He integrates western medicine, functional medicine, & natural medicine.