Dr K. Rajaram



Dr K. Rajaram graduated from Murdoch University more than a decade ago and has since worked with small animals, farm animals, birds, wildlife, exotic pets, freshwater and saltwater fish. His experience with avians and wildlife stems from his time working at Jurong Bird Park’s veterinary department and as a volunteer zoo keeper at the mandai zoo.


Dr K actively spends his time out of clinic to help various non-profit groups such as ACRES, Cause for Animals Singapore (CAS), Purely Adoptions and several other organisations. During his time abroad, he had training to dart animals for medical intervention and has since continued to use his skills in Singapore to help organisations for their various rescue cases.


Upon discovering his interest in internal medicine & alternative therapies, he returned to Singapore to open his very own clinic in 2012 & has since managed to learn and utilise ozone therapy in pets for numerous difficult-to-manage ailments.


He was the founder & director of ‘The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic’ and they have since merged with Animal Wellness Centre.