Dr Jean Paul Ly



BVSc (Sydney)
Dip. Ed (Sydney), Dip. Bible Studies,
Dip. Clinical Nutrition (Sydney) Cert. Counseling


Background training


  1. Dr. Ly trained in Medical Acupuncture in 1972 and completed a short survey of veterinary acupuncture in PRC. He introduced Veterinary Acupuncture to Australian veterinarians in 1975 and trained over 150 Australian veterinarians in the next 4 years. Dr. Ly successfully treated many famous race horses and was the first in Australia to perform dog caesarians using acupuncture. He also served as president of Australian Medical Acupuncture Association.
  2. Dr. Ly graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Sydney University, Australia, in 1974.
  3. First and only Veterinarian to train in microsurgery with Professor Dr. Earl Owens at the Microsearch Foundation in Sydney 1977.
  4. Graduated from Sydney Teacher’s College 1979 with Graduate Diploma in Education.
  5. Dr. Ly acquired a Diploma in Bible Studies from Tung Ling Bible college, Singapore in 1986.
  6. Dr. Ly obtained a certificate in counselling from the Counselling and Care Centre, Singapore 1989.
  7. Graduated from International School of Nutrition Sydney 1996 with Graduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition.
  8. Interned 3 years from 1993 at Sydney University faculty of Veterinary Science as surgery resident.

About Dr Jean Paul Ly


Working History Lecturer


From 1975 to 1983, he was a fulltime lecturer in the Technical and Further Education Department of the Sydney Technical College.

His portfolio also includes extensive lecture tours in China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Amongst his audience have been veterinarians, medical practitioners, religious and youth groups, students, teachers, senior school administrators, education personnel and Rotarians. His seminar topics range from animal husbandry such as the design and fabrication of refrigerated life-support systems for aquatic animals; veterinary surgical technology involving microsurgery techniques; to relationship management including parenting and marriage counseling; human resource training and management skills; motivational talks; communication, work ethics and management efficiencies.


Veterinary practitioner, Visionary, Designer and Construction


During that period, he also managed 2 Veterinary Hospitals; located in Kensington and Northern Beaches, Sydney.

In 1983 he went to Singapore with his family and joined The Animal Clinic, with two other veterinarians.Up to 1993 he was the Director and co-owner of the clinic, which grew to become one of the largest multiman veterinary practices in Singapore. They had six veterinarians on staff.

In 1998 he began another veterinary practice, Animal Recovery Centre (ARC), in Singapore. He designed and retrofitted all the ARC clinics. In 2005, as part of the ARC group, he opened and designed the Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre (ARVC), a referral hospital for the local and Asia Pacific region. With a team of 10 vets and two other branch clinics, ARVC fast became one of the most advanced veterinary practices in Asia using Computerized Imaging, 4D Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In 2012, ARVC was replaced by a new 4-storey state of the art hospital. ARVRC is designed and fitted to be the only Australasian veterinary practice with a fully equipped and functional open-heart surgical theatre, Medical quarantine facilities and ICU.

In past years, Dr Ly with his keen interest in design and fabrication also designed the largest indoor boarding kennel in Kuala Lumpur at the Ikea Power center (1994); St. Anthony Referral Hospital in Shanghai (2006), and the most modern Avian Hospital in this part of the world for the Jurong Bird Park (2006) to his accomplishments.

He also designed, constructed the water features and kitchens for the last 2 homes he bought in Singapore and which was featured in the news and also home design magazines.


Clinical Nutrition, Pet food manufacturer


Dr.Ly upon sale of his ARVRC hospital started an advanced nutraceutical company (Pet Health Global) with a comprehensive range designed by Dr.Ly ( Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals )

His vision for veterinary practice in Asia is to raise international awareness of Asian veterinarians, elevate Asian industry standards to recognized international standards, and to propel the Asian veterinary industry to the 21st century.


Immuno-therapist and Clinical Researcher


His latest foray is a cell therapy laboratory designed by Dr.Ly- the Advanced Cell Therapeutics, with a range of cell products including stem cells, NK cells and cell growth factors that aids healing and recovery.




Together with his late wife, he co-founded the Student and Youth Advisory Service (SAYAS), a counselling unit of the Family Life Society. He was also a presenter for the Celebration of Life Program; a course on human sexuality in Singapore schools. The counseling unit of Family Life Centre now conducts the same program.


Inventor and businessman


Dr Ly was also Director of Aljeans Seafood Restaurant from 1990 to 1993. He was the first person in Singapore to design and fabricate raceways for intensive prawn farming and life support systems for cold water lobsters and cold water seafood. Aljeans was the very first company in Singapore to import and sustain live Maine lobsters and Dungeness crabs from Boston. He supplied and built all holding tanks for major hotels and restaurants in Singapore, the Goodwood Park Hotel, Min Jiang restaurant, Shima Restaurant, Tung Lok Sharks fin Restaurants, the Chinatown Point basement seafood restaurant started by Stanley Ho from HK to name a few. Dr.Ly also pioneered the negative pressure dog and cat holding cages with tempered glass doors to minimize patient stress, cross infection from aerosol and also eliminate odor.





Between active practice as a veterinary surgeon and pursuing tertiary qualifications, Dr Ly has acted as Consultant for various local organizations, charities, and multi-national companies, such as Singapore Zoological Gardens, Singapore Crocodile Paradise, Tang Dynasty City, SPCA, Bright Hill Buddhist Temple, Aljeans Seafood, Age D’or Pharmaceuticals and the Iams Company, USA.




Dr Ly is also an author. He and his late wife are co-authors on the manual titled Human Development and Sexuality that was used in many Singapore schools. Presently he is writing his autobiography and a book on his veterinary experiences. He also published a book on Cosmetic Acupuncture with his father in 1978.