Azel Ong



Azel graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging). After graduation, she served her sponsorship bond with KK Women’s and Children’s hospital as a Diagnostic Radiographer. Since student’s time, Azel has always been fascinated by the black and white images depicted by the body’s internal organs and tissues using sound waves and how these images can help doctors to diagnose and treat medical conditions non-invasively. This made up her decision to specialise in Sonography with a strong interest.



Azel received intensive Sonography training for months by KKH with the specialisation in Women’s Imaging. With her fondness for working with children and recognising the immense value of sonographic diagnostics in ensuring the well-being of young patients, Azel expanded her specialization to include Pediatric’s Ultrasound Imaging with the aim to contribute to accurate diagnosis that impact the treatment and recovery for children. To further her expertise in the field of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Azel took up Advanced Diploma in Sonography which deeply broaden her skills as a Sonographer.



Azel has worked with various commercial companies as an Ultrasound clinical specialist in which she trained specialist doctors, physicians and veterinarians locally and regionally on using the Diagnostic Ultrasound machine and imparting her clinical skills to the doctors on scanning techniques for different organs. She also helps to maintain high image quality by adjusting the different parameters to attain accurate diagnosis.
Bringing more than 10 years of valuable experience in Sonography and with her love and compassion for small animals, Azel hope to bring her expertise to the veterinary field to provide diagnostic images and information needed for accurate diagnoses in treating animals and to make a difference in the well-being of animals.