About Us

We Care for Your Pets


We are a specialised team that combines allopathic medicine with complementary veterinary care using integrative approaches. We focus on the overall well-being of your beloved companion animals including their physical and psychological being, environmental factors and dietary intake.


Our team comprises of highly skilled practitioners of internal medicine, surgery, diagnostic imaging and animal communication. We aim to create a balance of body-mind system for your companion animals. Integrative approaches combine western medicine, regenerative medicine, good dietary nutrition, surgery and immunomodulation.


Our practice’s philosophy is to provide the best veterinary care and welfare for the patients. Our mission is to have an Integrated Treatment Facility providing the best treatment choice with advanced therapies and equipment.

Our Mission


We are a professional and innovative company, committed to quality customer service and responsible pet care.

Our Aim & Direction

Continuous quest to find effective therapies for our “Fur Kids”

In all therapies we may do, to “DO NO HARM”

We provide for companion animals, the highest quality medical and surgical services, in an environment of respect, integrity and professionalism